SÃO PAULO (nunca nada será como antes) – Mesmo os que não dominam perfeitamente o idioma bretão hão de compreender o despacho abaixo:

Lada could still join WTCC in ’07

Thursday, August 24th 2006, 14:12 GMT

Lada could still join the World Touring Car Championship next season, reports this week’s Autosport.
Plans for the Russian company to take its first steps in the series in the second half of this season have been canned. But the German team contracted to mastermind Lada’s entry is confident it will be on the grid next year with a pair of 21106 models.
MTEC team principal Norbert Ruths said: “There have been many changes of management at Lada, which has made it difficult to get things set up for this year.
“Our contract is still in place and we are hopeful that everything will happen next season.”

E para quem duvidava, no site oficial do WTCC os mais observadores hão de perceber que na lista dos competidores aparece certa montadora russa.

Agora que eu quero ver.